Auto Social Services

Auto Social Services

Saturday, 28 June 2014


IFTTT : Put the Internet to work for you

IFTTT enables users to create and share "Recipes" that fit the statement: "if this then that". The “this” part of a Recipe is called a Trigger. Some example Triggers are “I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook” or “I check in on Foursquare”. The “that” part of a Recipe is called an Action. Some example Actions are “send me a text message” or “create a status message on Facebook”. The combination of a Trigger and an Action from a user's active channels are called Recipes.

There are many Networks which can be added in IFTTT and it takes quite a time to do that.. and There comes my services you need.. I can set up 2 Ifttt accounts with atleast main 40 networks in each set..


Buy 2 Set Ups of IFTTT accounts only for $5.


Commando Seo Software is AMAZING software and its services is best among all other softwares in the market.

Commando Seo Software users can create Linkwheels using Ifttt with its networks... which leads to  stupendous results..
Many Buyers insisted me to create networks and provide Rss Feed of each network for Linkwheel and their satisfaction is my outcome and that outcome makes me better seller.

and HERE is the best part.. YOU CAN PAY AFTER the DELIVERY through PAYPAL
Even Though you choose FIVERR to buy set up then my fiverr url and contact details are written below :

Contact details  :
Gmail –
Skype Name – Socialsitemedia (Name - Vikram Sharma)

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