Auto Social Services

Auto Social Services

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Just Think about it for a Second

This is a simple strategy for everyone who uses different services in Social MEDIA Market..
 My Contact Details are given at the end of the article.... SKYPE - SOCIALSITEMEDIA

EXPERTs and Beginners mostly choose secure service eventhough it takes long time and costs more and I'm here to provide same secure services with less price and less time...

My Team provides $4 services in 2 days  and Additional 1 day for $15 services.... and HERE is the best part.. YOU CAN PAY AFTER the DELIVERY through PAYPAL

First of all, Here are my services provided by my TEAM for only $4
1.  My Team will provide any one ACCOUNT of ONLYWIRE or Socialadr or Ifttt (check out other similar accounts too) with all available networks integrated in it. Only for $4.

2.  My Team will provide one BEST SET of Social Bookmarking SITES (minimum 50 networks) and each bookmarking site is handpicked after brief analysis. Only for $4.

3.  I will write a foolproof ARTICLE for your niche with 500 words. Only for $4.

My Team here provides best manually done TASKS and only for $4... just think about it for a second. Many buys such services for $5 and more in and some Sellers takes extra price to integrate networks in Onlywire or Ifttt or Socialadr but my team will do that for FREE you..

I'll provide every detail in EXCEL SpreadSheet.

Additional SERVICES for $15 (a day extra for additional task)

1. My Team will upload your preferred pics and your website link and info into each networks created manually.

2. My Team will integrate networks into each other and will provide profile URL in excel spreadsheet.
I provide Free Extra Bonus Account on BULK Orders..
Even Though you choose FIVERR then my fiverr url and contact details are written below : 
Contact details  :
Gmail –
Skype Name – Socialsitemedia

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